PPE: Head to Toe

Workers need to be protected from hazards that can take place on any worksite. For their safety, Personal Protective Equipment Training Course has been designed to get an idea on the variety of PPE available.


PPE Online Training Course emphasizes the importance of wearing proper equipment by showing a re-enactment of an arc flash incident that could have been tragic in case a worker was not wearing proper PPE. The worker describes how the equipment saved him from an injury during the incident. This training is great for new employee onboarding or for refresher course.


This training course will cover the following PPE usage:

  1. Industrial clothing
  2. Industrial work boots
  3. Hearing protection
  4. Eye protection
  5. Respiratory protection
  6. Safety helmets
  7. Hand protection
  8. Fall arrest equipment
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PPE: Head to Toe - Video

This program provides an easy to understand overview of the variety of PPE available to help make our work safe.
It emphasizes the importance of wearing the proper PPE by showing an re-enactment of an arc flash incident that could have been tragic had the person not been wearing the proper PPE. The worker involved describes the incident and how his PPE saved him from injury. Other interviews with workers who avoided eye and foot injuries reinforce the safety message. Great for new employees or for refresher training.

PPE: Head to Toe - Quiz